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Listen and watch Vishvas Meditation, Bhajans and discourses of Gurudev Shri Swami Vishvas Ji.
What meditation means to you? Are you primarily drawn to stress relief and relaxation, health benefits, self-improvement, spiritual fulfillment in life, self-knowledge or enlightenment itself?
What a regular meditation practice means for your life? In fact, in the beginning, you may not know exactly why it is important for you to meditate regularly, only that you want to do it. Soon you will come to know and realize what a wondrous thing meditation is, and this will draw you back to your meditation again and again. Remember, discipline is the first step to freedom.
Vishvas Meditation is very simple. Don't concentrate. Simply observe your mind, your thoughts, your emotions - whatever the mind projects, but do not concentrate on anything. If something captures your attention - acknowledge it, but stay emotionally dis-identified or disengaged from it. Simply watch your thoughts like a seer, a witness, a non-doer: with interest and appreciation but without becoming them. Don't let them capture you - positive or negative. Don't fight, suppress or condemn them either. You do not have to do anything in meditation.
Instead, just watch the doings of the mind. This is the real process of meditation. Simply watching the mind's play as a non-doer i.e. without involving or identifying with it, dissolves all unnecessary thoughts, negativities and dualities of the mind, and your mind-body gradually relaxes. Vishvas meditation by its very nature is technique less, so we can't really give you any 'tricks' or 'rules'. It is simply pure awareness. Moreover, Vishvas Meditation has no side effects since it does not have any technique or method. It is a very natural process- a direct approach to the mind.



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