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Get ready for the best Voice Changer With Sound Effects app FREE OF CHARGE! You just need to record your voice! Then, change it with funny sound effects buttons and make perfect laugh out loud jokes! This is the coolest audio changer app free for download! Have lots of fun with funny voice changer with effects and make the most interesting April fools pranks easily! This is the best voice changer in the world! How to prank your friends with this "voice editor with effects"? Quite easy! Just record yourself and use the voice distorter app! There are many interesting effects for your voice! If you want funny sound clips, the chipmunk voice changer is the right choice for you! If you think high pitched noise is funny, use helium sound changer! If you want to make Halloween pranks, we have scary monster sounds! Alter your voice with a real sound of ghost and scare your friends out of their wits! Save your recording! Share it with your friends on social networks! Pull their leg with boy to girl voice changer! You can use this male to female voice changer effects to make funny ringtones for family members! Choose spine chilling horror tunes for your parents or ogre and witch laugh for your siblings! Make funny text alerts with this high pitch noise maker! It's easy! Modify sound with the sound fx board and have lots of fun NOW!
♫ "Voice Changer With Sound Effects" is one of the coolest apps that make you laugh! ♫
Features for Voice Changer With Sound Effects recorder!
♫ This voicechanger with effects brings tons of fun!
♫ Have an amazing or hair raising experience with this voice maker app for Android™!
♫ Use speech modifier features to make your voice deeper for entertaining your friends!
♫ With female to male voice converter and sound changer effect you will have the time of yourlife!
♫ First, record your audio file! Use "vocal effects processor" to alter voice!
♫ Get frightening sounds changer and some robot sound effect with this voice changing app!
♫ Save it, share it or make your own ringtones free if you want!
♫ Check out our sound distorter for boys and girls NOW!
Are you bored with the regular speech changer and distortion apps? Do you want some amazing effects for "sound changing"? This is the right choice for you! Download voice changer with echo sound effects for audio recorder NOW! This is not a simple voice changer and recorder! This horror sound effects mp3 mix is the most fantastic pitch changer for you! Check out our recording booth and use creepy sound effects to make funny speech! Make "annoying high pitch noise" with this "vocal pitch changer", and make your dad go berserk! Create unique free funny text message alerts with our ultra voicechanger! This crazy voice recorder has the coolest prank soundboard! Everybody will envy you on your horror sounds and scary voices with ghost! This sound modulator and voicemaker offers spooky sounds of goblin, snake or alien! So? What are you waiting for? Download our vocal effects app! Start recording and have the time of your life!
♫ Use your distorted sound to make your own ringtones for phone calls with vocal effects! ♫
Never again be bored with our noise maker! Enjoy with our funny soundboards and helium booth and make hilarious jokes with our voice generator! With this vocal changer and scary laughs sound effects board, scare the hell out of your friends! It is easy to joke with your friends with this voice disguiser! These fantastic audio effects are great for you and your kids! Don't waste another second! With this "sound changer app" everybody will have the time of their life! Download voice scrambler and enjoy with our sound modifier NOW!
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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