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An app for sending VOICE messages to your friends directly into their inbox.Main advantages of this app: simple and intuitive user interface no typing no voice recognition errors simple service design a voice to voice messageJust a message from your phone to another phone Inbox.Some usecases: Away from home and YOUR KIDS? Send them a VoiceSMS so they can feel you closer. LATE for a date or meeting? You can record your message while safely walking OUT OF OFFICE and need to instruct someone what needs to be done? Record your instructions and send them directly. You heard about the accident that happened to a guy, who was texting WHILE DRIVING Dont do that GRANDMA has problems reading text on those small screens. Send her a VoiceSMS. No text, just listening. SING Love is in the air and send it to your darlings phone directly. or just use it to record a FUNNY SOUND and send it to your friends.Why to use VOICE messages, not TEXT messages: PERSONAL, the tone of your voice tells more than any text. EASY to use, no need to type. FAST, delivered directly to recipients phone inbox.Check out also our web page at WWW.VOICESMS.CO where you can find more info and an FAQ section.ENJOY ITkeywords: voice, voice sms, send, sms, mms, message, voicesms, messaging, mail, vociemail, messenger, instant fast, personal, speech, recorderNote: the app is using mms to send the voice message. Charges depend on your mobile carrieroperator and priceplantariff. Check you specific plan at your operatorcarrier for more details.

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Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android 3 or later


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