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*Demo Version has a limit of 5 voice commands and no backup or restore option*
Natural language chained voice commands for home automation.
See demo here:
Supporting the following hubs:
Global Caché iTach (IR and Serial RS232)
Universal Devices ISY (ISY-994i),
Lirc_web (LIRC / Open Source Universal Remote project /,
Other hubs will be added in the future. I am looking for alpha testers for other hubs/devices with Open APIs, please email me if interested in testing and willing to provide logs/data for hubs/devices which I do not own.
iTach: Supports sending IR commands to all pins, only tested on iTachIP2IR please email me if changes are needed for other iTach IR devices. Supports parsing of emails received from the Global Caché Control Tower Database
ISY-994i: Supports local and remote connections. Remote connections require a valid SSL Certificate or the Universal Devices Portal.
Domoticz: Supports local and remote connections. Remote connections require a valid SSL Certificate.
EventGhost: Supports local connections only via the Network Event Receiver.
Tasker: Supports triggering of tasker tasks and triggering of Voice for IoT from tasker. Triggering Voice for IoT is done via tasker Intent.
We do not collect, store, or share user data. All your data is saved on your device locally in an SQLite database. Passwords are encrypted.
Permissions Needed:
Network State and Internet Access. Required to check if device is connected to a network and needed to send commands to a hub
(Optional, but required for local connections) WiFi and Location needed to determine if we are on a local network on which a hub resides The app does not track location but it is a Google required permission for apps that request Wifi Information.
(Optional) Read/Write to storage, needed for backup and restore.
Record Audio, needed to capture a voice command. Can be Optional if using an intent (instead of voice) to trigger app.
(Optional) Device Boot, needed to launch a notification, if enabled, on device boot.
Google Plus Forum:
Universal Devices Forum:



Version: A0.1.1.8-demo

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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