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Wagr is a smart location and fitness tracker for dogs. This dog GPS and activity tracker attached to your pet’s collar, along with the companion app, ensures that your dog stays fit and safe.
Location tracking - The Wagr tracker tracks your dog's location using GPS and cellular technology and alerts you instantly on the Wagr app if they leave Safe Zones.
✓ Track 24*7 in real time
✓ Street and satellite view
✓ Create and edit Safe Zones
Activity monitoring - The Wagr tracker uses high-tech motion sensors to calculate the amount of rest and exercise your dog gets everyday.
✓ Set daily fitness goals
✓ Monitor activity type
✓ See daily, weekly & monthly reports
Walk tracking - This dog GPS and activity tracker allows you to log your dog's favourite walking tracks
✓ Route, distance & duration tracked
✓ All walk reports logged
✓ Tracking for multiple dogs enabled
Multi dog support - The Wagr app allows you to track up to five dogs using the same app.
✓ Oversee up to five dogs
✓ Track location anytime
✓ Monitor activity trends
Multi user support - The Wagr app allows you to invite up to three family members or friends to join your pack. This makes dog-sitting easy as everyone gets instant access to the dog’s history.
✓ Add up to three dog-sitters
✓ Remotely view walk reports & activity trends
✓ Track your pet’s location anytime
Being the first-of-its-kind in India, Wagr aims to make pet care easy for every one of the 10 million dog owners across the country.
2nd-position winner at Qualcomm’s Design in India challenge
India’s biggest hardware startup competition
Download Wagr — India’s 1st dog GPS and activity tracker. What every dog-parent wants, what every dog needs. Get yours today at



Version: 0.0.22

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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