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The average person unlocks their phone at least 100 times per day. Your phone's wallpaper is the first thing you see when you pick it up, and you've probably gotten used to seeing the same, old wallpaper every time.
Bring colorful, refreshing variety to your life with this automatic wallpaper changer app, from an endless supply powered by millions of images on Reddit.
Each time you unlock your phone, you'll be greeted with new, exciting wallpapers from any category you can imagine - selected automatically whenever you desire, from every day to every few hours, or even every few minutes.
Just type in your favorite subreddits, and the app will use images from posts to set as your homescreen or lockscreen wallpapers automatically. You can schedule when you want your wallpaper to change, filter by upvotes or content, and even apply image effects to the wallpapers. Whether you want to open your phone to nature, art, memes, or movie captures, this app can make it happen.
Over 500,000 wallpapers changed from and counting. Featured on Gizmodo BR, Android Police, XDA, and others!
Don't know what subreddits to use? This app suggests a handpicked list of the best ones.
Features »
Automatic wallpapers.
From hourly through daily, you can choose how often the app should apply a new, random wallpaper - without touching your phone. You can even get an interactive notification each time it changes, and set another wallpaper if you didn't like the previous one.
Choose as many subreddits as you wish for an infinite variety. You can even choose different subreddits for the lockscreen and homescreen. Don't know what subreddits to use? The app includes a list of the best subreddits from to help you pick.
Battery-efficient and storage-friendly.
Your email app probably uses more battery than this one will. Wallpapers update within seconds and the app never fills up your phone's storage.
Image effects & filters.
Adjust brightness, blurring, or cropping presets to automatically blend the images into your phone's color scheme.
Post sorting & priority.
Filter post rankings by Hot, Top, or New. Find images that are trending, greatest of all time, or posted seconds ago. You can even ignore low-quality images, filter by upvotes, or hide NSFW images. Feeling risky? Try /r/fiftyfifty for a 50/50 mood.
App shortcut gestures.
Get a new wallpaper on-demand with one tap on your homescreen, quick settings tile, or with Nova Launcher's custom gestures.
History logging.
Never lose a great wallpaper. You can download or re-apply previous wallpapers right inside the app.
Tasker Integration.
Are you a power user? This app works great with Tasker to change your wallpaper on custom triggers. Whether you want a new wallpaper whenever you unlock your phone or switch Wi-Fi networks, this app can do it.
and tons more!
Supports any image-based Reddit subreddit, and links from Imgur, DeviantArt, Reddit Images, Flickr, Tumblr, ArtStation, and many more.
Within the app, a handpicked list is available to help you suggest a few of the best image subreddits from Reddit, such as space, ImaginaryLandscapes, nsfw, memes, and more.
Made by a Redditor for the Reddit community. :)
Formerly named Reddit Wallpaper Changer. Not an official app or affiliated with Reddit, Inc., Reddit clients, Muzei, Vitrina, or other similar automatic wallpaper changer apps. Some images may not be suitable for young users due to the nature of Reddit. The app can automatically filter out all NSFW content if desired.



Version: 3.8.2

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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