Wealth Camera

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Note : Full function requires Android 5.0 or above. Android 4.4 or below can only watch the animation and take photos.
Tip : For devices' Android version > 5.0, some support new Camera2 function more and others support old Camera function more. In option menu, you can switch to "new" or "old". Default is "new". If app runs not so smoothly, try to switch to option "old".
Camera with build-in Chinese wealth baby, gold ingots, couplets and animation.
Face Detection will give you some funny experience.
You can switch between different images or select none.
There are setup options.
1. Change the size of the image. Turn on/off animation(gold ingots falling).
2. Input your own words, if needed, to show on screen and output images.
3. There are android phones and pads of many different types. If your find wrong orientation of screen images or output(jpg/mp4) images. There are options respectively to adjust them.
4. Change the video resolution.
5. AE compensation setting.
6. If Android version >= 5.0, can switch between new(Camera2) or old(Camera) camera function. If your device can't properly support Camera2 function, you can switch to old Camera function.
Privacy Policy : This application implements camera and microphone function to take photos and videos. These functions and resulting data are only for usage of users themselves. The application itself does not use any data for other purpose.



Version: 1.08

Requires: Android4.3 or later


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