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Track and view weather forecasts and current conditions for “My Location” to get real-time updates wherever you want, or add any location you choose. Weather Application has outstanding design, makes getting your weather info both easy and fun.
Weather is easy to use app for staying always updated with weather conditions. The Widget is totally free, and it comes with many cool widgets .
It's specifically designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. With just one click you receive the weather condition and forecasts in your display at your current location. Shares weather and location information with friends.
Weather Application FEATURES:
• Displays temperature in status bar
• Fast, beautiful and simple to use
• Weather is one of the most lightweight weather apps
• Provides current weather condition with six days forecast
• Easily Searches for cities by country.
• Checkout the details: wind, pressure, and chance of precipitation anytime.
• Browse interactive maps: radar, satellite, heat, and snow.
• Beautiful weather backgrounds according to the current weather condition
• Optimized for both smart phones and tablets
* Lightweight and battery-saving: the widget will not drain the battery of your phone or occupy much of the internal storage
Choose by yourself what will be the next feature of Weather application ! Leave your suggestion or comment and send to us, and help us to make Weather the best application.
Why what are you wait for? So download free Weather app and get daily update on weather.

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Version: 1.5

Requires: Android 3.0 or later


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