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It is the best browser that allows you to surf safely through the internet. It is a fast, high-quality and professional browser. The smart mobile browser is now on the market for you. Designed for the tablets and mobile phones, it provides an unbelievable web experience. You can now surf throughout the net much more comfortable with the maximized features of this application. It builds a safe and sound wall of protection against the malicious software. You can search with it within every media. Fast and high quality internet browser
*It supports Flash Player: the tool that displays images and plays videos. It is a must-have programme for the mobile applications. It provides high performance and a much wider and richer user-experience.
*Are you tired of all the ads on a website? Then, this is the application for you. Because, you can block the undesired ads now. With its ads on-off feature, you can now block ads as you wish when you watch a video or surf a website. You can roam through the web fast and free by choosing the Block Ads feature on the Properties menus. Block the ads and surf the net as you like with no interruption. The common problem for all the surfers are the ads that pop-up constantly when you want to visit a website or watch a video. With this feature, all these are the problems of the past. It contains Javascript add-on. It provides easier use.
*It contains a disable/enable feature for images. If you do not want to see the images on a website, just enable this feature. The world is at your fingertips. Learn, visit, roam and get informed easily.
- Safe Surfing
- Free Internet browser
- Adobe Flash Player Support.
- Orbot Support
- The Fastest Initialization
- Copy / Paste
-Quick Search: Google and the other search engines
- Privacy Protect: Does not save the history.
- Fullscreen
- Video Options: You can set all the options very easily.
- Download protection and defense mechanism against malware.
- Incognito Browse Mode
- Bookmarks
- History Browse Option.
- Link Copy Feature
- Share: You can safely share all the contents on Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, e-mail, SMS and other social networks.
- Search in Tabs: If you are looking for something to cease the surf between various screens, this provides the perfect answer.
- Add-on Option.
- markers
- User interface and date.
- Fast Connections.
- The Best Features.
- Adjust the font size.
- Preview the Pages.
Codes used: MPL (Mozilla Public License v.2.0) is licensed under:
netciph library is used. Is licensed under the GNU.



Version: 1.0.3

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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