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A true name is quot;Web server life and death monitoring widgetquot;. It is too long .In the beginning. I am not skillful in english Please forgive strange sentences. It is a home screen widget that observes the Web server life and death.alive monitoring.This widget will inform you of the operational condition of the Web server with the icon in the widget. For instance, the icon in the widget reddens when there is no response from the Web server to be observed. This usageIt is possible to use it for the alive monitoring etc of home server Web server. Especially, it is possible to use it also for the reflection check of dynamic DNS when Internet Protocol address of home server is changed. Point of this application program google App Engine is used for the monitoring . Even if the monitoring object is a home of opening to the public server, life and death can be confirmed from wifi in home. How to use. 1.The widget is arranged on the home screen. 2.Because it will not be possible to use it the way things are going, the widget is set touching. 3.The setting is URL of the display name and the observed server To the file name, and a watch interval amount. 14.When the widget is deleted from the home screen and relocated once, the setting is reflected soon when the setting ends. Please wait during 10?15 minute when you do not do this. 1:The function to judge the server halt condition can be selected even by quot;404 Not Foundquot; as an option. This function is very effective in the DDNS environment. If this option is not made effective when Internet Protocol address before other machines that operate the Web server after changing Internet Protocol address of the server change is acquired, the event to which DDNS has not been renewed cannot be detected. Because the unique file cannot be found if it uniquely observes it when this option is made effective URL, DDNS can be detected not being renewed. State green of the icongreenoperationyellow A smart phone is outside. Or, GAE has stopped. Or, wifi cannot be communicated with the Internet. red Stopping The server has stopped.Dynamic DNS is not reflected. TAGWeb server,alive monitoring

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Version: 1.2.3

Requires: Android 4 or later


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