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Track your progress to reach your weight objectives! Whether you follow a diet or a workout plan, you can easily visualize your weight loss with Weight Tracker +!
Our app will become your ideal companion to track your body evolution through our many user-friendly views.
Everyday input of your:
- Weights (total, fat percentage, muscle percentage)
- Calories burnt and calories consumed
- Measurements (neck, chest, waist, hips, arms, wrist and thighs are all available)
- Photos (you can add multiple photos for every entry in order to keep track of your progress)
- Notes (every entry contains a text area allowing you to enter more details)
- Categories (manage your own categories to organize your entries: workouts, diets, jogging etc.)
: All progress variations (weight gain or weight loss) are calculated automatically
Health formulas
Weight Tracker + also generates automatically the following formulas according to your age, gender, height and body measurements:
- BMI (Body Mass Index)
- Body fat percentage
- Waist-height ratio
- Waist-hips ratio
Progress and objectives
A dedicated screen is available for every measurement and every weight to allow you to track your progress and reach your objective (weight gain or weight loss).
Advanced views
- Calendar (monthly view with the ongoing weight and the gain or loss variation for every day)
- List (with possibility to filter by date and by categories and possibility to search in the notes)
- Charts (view the evolution per month or per year and filter the measures)
You can enable the lock that will guarantee the safety of your data. The lock screen will appear every time the app is opened again to let you input your password.
Main setup
Weight Tracker + has a quick setup to let you easily select:
- Your desired theme (19 themes available!)
- The health formulas you wish to follow
- The weights and measurements that you need to track everyday
- Your objective for every measurement selected (weight loss or weight gain)
Advanced setup
- Set a custom background with your personal photos or wallpapers for the main screens of the app (In-app purchase only)
- Change the background color
- Change the photo thumbnail size
- Change the language
- Enable and customize the daily notifications
An HTML export is available to let you to visualize your daily weight loss entries on Chrome (In-app purchase only)
- Backup and restore your data with Dropbox
- Backup and restore with Google Drive is coming soon
If you have any problems or suggestions about using Weight Tracker +, please use the help from the app or email us to
We will reply to you as soon as possible.



Version: 1.0.5

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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