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This application contains information about human nature based weton, date, day, and month of a person who was born at that time. We summarize information from various sources for you to know about these things.
This application is just a forecast or estimate, you can not be used as a reference basis, if there are similarities are likely to chance alone.
Hopefully this information is helpful to us all & Use this app wisely.
1. This application can be run without an internet connection, just once installed the contents of this book is already available in your android gadget.
2. The size of the application which is not great so it does not consume a lot of memory space of your gadget.
3. The size of the writing can be customized with your gadget, making it easy to read and does not make your eyes tired.
4. The background paper can be adjusted to the conditions of the day or night.
5. The bookmark can page your own.
6. List catalog to facilitate you to select the available pages.
7. Find the words you want "keywords" to find the word you want.



Version: 2.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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