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Hello,Here is an app which lets you help others and gets you some help from others. You got something to ask someone in a specific place? Yes you can do it using this app.Type your question or choose from a set of predefined questions, specify the location and post, that39;s it, the app will do the restfor you. You will get your answers pushed to your device.The WhatsUP@ community This is important, we need a caring and sharing community to get the max out of this app. The answers are to be from the people who use thisapp and in and around the location when a question is posted, so more users the more faster you will get responses.Don39;t get frustrated if you didn39;t get an asnwer for your questions, keep trying and most important quot;KEEP SHARING THE APPquot; to as many peopleyou know. The WhatsUP@ community is the key factor to make this app a SUCCESS.Some scenarios where this app could be useful.1. You are all set to go for an outing to ZOO. Not sure how the weather is there, because your trip may be ruined if it39;s raining heavily thereYes, you can check the weather online, but won39;t it be more accurate if you just ask someone who is already there?? Yes, just tap to choose the question and post it...2. Hungry and need to eat that favourite food of yours from the poular shop?. Let39;s ask someone how the crowd is there now ;3. Flight is delayed for 2 hrs and Bored @ Airport, I have a better idea, try sending some friend requests to the whole Airport, I am sureyou will find someone to chat until you miss that delayed flight. just kidding : 4. You have an announcement to make, let39;s say quot;Lost your puppy :quot;. Yes you can do that select the announcement question from the list,select the location to target, and post it. You know what, announcements will be seen by the entire community of WhtasUP@ users.and many more........Keywords: WhatsUp, WhatsApp, WhatsUp@, WhatsUpAt, Messenger, find out, find nearby, location, whatsup, whatsup@, whats up



Version: 1.3

Requires: Android1.6 or later


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