Where's My Stuff?

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House & Home | 17.3MB


Do you have trouble finding things?
You know you have it, but where?
Do you really have one? Hmmm…
You probably have lots of boxes but you may only have a vague notion of what is in them or where the right box might be.
This app will help with all that.
Where’s My Stuff will organize your stored items and help you find things fast!
This app will let you:
Create boxes - record contents and location
Create rooms – the location of your boxes
Create lists - collections of boxes
Search for boxes by contents, room or list
Take pictures of boxes & valuables.
As long as we're talking, some of your stuff is worth a lot! Right?
So for insurance purposes you might want to track your valuables.
This app will help you track your valuables..
So what are you waiting for, start getting organized today!



Version: 1.6

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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