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This is a free live wallpaper, which is about the windmill. And they are display in the Grassland and in your phone screen. You will find that the wallpaper display some windmills and the green grassland, and the blue sky of the day. And if the wallpaper at night, it would display the night, the stars, and the meteors. All these display make the wallpaper display so beautiful. The windmill would display in your phone. Download it. Hope you will like it. Thanks.
The wallpaper has many setting:
*You can choose the speed of the windmill in the Grassland.
*You can set the day and the night wallpaper display according the time.
- Refresh button on home screen.
- Periodic update of weather.
- Double tab to change weather.
If the weather is not right,Please Open the Select your location or city ,and Click OK, latest weather update will be displayed.
Hope you will like it. Thanks.
All my Live Wallpaper are Free for you
This free app is ad supported: Inmobi. In order to keep this app free and allow me to keep working on improvements you will periodically receive a sponsored ad. I appreciate your understanding and support. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.



Version: 1.3

Requires: Android 4.0 or later


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