Women Workout: Home Gym & Cardio

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Women workout training club is the optimal
weight loss & home gym
fitness app for women & soccer moms! 180 high quality video exercises to get you in cardio shape and on the way to a great bikini body with great workouts for women & especially busy housewives.
The Women workout trainer targets all the important muscle groups of the body and by doing so, providing a fluent balanced cardio workout training routine to make feel and look much better, lose weight,
burn calories
and sculpt those muscles using lunges and more.
It's your
home gym
We focus on the parts that are important for women, soccer moms & housewife:
- Great weight loss fitness videos!
- Gain sexy legs & feel the fat burn with our video workouts!
- A fantastic women's fitness app also for moms.
Cardio workouts especially for a home gym
aerobic training club.
Over 180 of the best exercises for women
provided in your a home gym.
- High quality fitness video demonstrations.
- Flexible workout: Set the time, goal & lose weight!
- Skip unsuitable fitness exercises during training.
- Resistance,Flexibility & aerobic cardio exercises combined in one great app especially for weight loss.
- Fantastic for stay at home moms & housewife.
Bonus features:
- In-workout voice trainer commentary.
- Workout reminders.
- Workout trainer statistics feedback.
- Creative customization: Change the background to extraordinary scenery & colors.
You don't have to perform a 7 minutes workout. Choose between 5 - 60 minutes and go!
What are you waiting for? Get fit, maximize calorie burn & lose weight! Our fat burning cardio exercises will work.
Feel free to combine Women Workout with your daily diet menu or soccer moms nutrition plan.
Do you want the best fitness training for women or a housewife? Exercises to combine with a flat belly diet?
There you have it, go ahead, get your bikini fitness exercise routine here! This app will maximize your fat burn combined with a great diet. Lose weight, get thin & lean, can be combined with nike products.
This fitness apps works on your torso, butt / glutes, hips, quadriceps & hamstrings (using squats), shapes your thighs & buttocks, sculpt your legs and abs, tone your chest and arms.
Start your weight loss & love handles. Whether you are a housewife or not, a great workout trainer in your own home gym!



Version: 1.4.3

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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