X7: Extreme Super Car Drift & Stunt Game

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An amazing luxurious X7 car driving simulation of 2020 is here for you where your extreme car driving and drifting skills are under heavy test. Do you want to be a real X7 car hero driver and a modern car driver around town in a luxurious X7 car? Drive and park your car as an expert driver while people stare at your royal X7 car? Would you like to ride modern and VIP car around hill city in a luxurious X7 car to make some quick buck? If the answer to these questions is yes then you are in for a big city royal treat. Enjoy the luxury life of an X7 driver who picks & collect the checkpoints and perform the stunt actions all around the grand city. Be a part of the VIP culture by being involved as a furious X7 car driver in the most extravagant game play around in the city.
Big City BMW X7 Car Driver gives you an amazing chance to exhibit super amazing car driving and drifting skills as an extreme X7 car driver as you will get to drive on rocky mountain hill station as well as on vast roads of the town where you along with your BMW X7 car passengers could plunge into the water below with just wrong way drive. Don’t just drive on the paved vast roads instead of lose yourself in exciting driving adventure and go offroad in an amazing BMW X7 car adventure! You would have to take extreme precautions no matter how good a driver you are for those deadly offroad twists, turns, and steep mountain hill slopes. Drive your luxurious X7 car fast as a pro driver and drop passengers to their destination. This ultimate driving simulation would make you forget the real world and would make you prefer spending your time in an amazing simulated world we created for you in Big City BMW Car Driver.
Flaunt your drifting skills in City BMW X7 Car Driver while driving a modern car in a big city safely. Live the grand, luxurious life of a royal BMW X7 car driver in an ultimate BMW X7 car driving simulation of 2020. Move through the furious traffic rush to reach your destinations on time. Drive your BMW X7 freely on vast roads and dangerous offroad terrain paths. Pull the most extreme car drifting and driving stunts in the history ever. Be a real hero driver of royal city people and drive furiously in this driving and drifting sim of 2020.Park your car anywhere and have people staring at your car in amazement. Make your mark in the pro-BMW X7 car driver list of 2020 as you jump behind the steering wheel of your very own BMW X7 and drive around the big city or offroad on the mountain hills and around the river. Show the big city your amazing car driving and parking skills in a grand luxurious BMW X7 car drive.
- Drive with traffic cars and pedestrian
- Real city traffic and traffic lights
- Realistic car driving experience
- Open world environment: town and off road
- Go to any car/moto to drive it
- Amazing 3D graphics
- Accurate car physics
- Free to play car game
- Offline car game
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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