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The Congress of Accountants in Panama, dating from the last century, celebrated the First National Congress of Accountants, under the theme Towards Strengthening the Profession of Accountant in June 1978, chaired by Lic. Antonio Aguilar Buron. Coincidentally in Official Gazette No. 18.673 Body of State of the Republic of Panama, the National Legislative Council regulates the profession of Certified Public Accountants through Law No. 57 of September 1, 1978.
Hermes Espino Association of Certified Public Accountants of Panama, Xenia Batista: in May 1982, with the celebration of the Fourth National Congress of Accountants, the status of the National Congress of Accountants entity under the leadership of the then Presidents of the Associations is formally adopted Women Association of Public Accountants and Authorized Rodolfo Guillén Panama College of Public Accountants of Panama.
The National Congress of Accountants reaches its legal status in 1982 and is composed of the three associations of accounting professionals.
In each National Congress of Accountants have added new and innovative elements, which is based on three pillars, social technical side, the most important activity element, which carries the camaraderie and for the first time, this congress will include the sports.
The organizing committee of each composed of Technical, Administrative and Finance Committees, Congress is concerned that this activity contributes to the aggrandizement of the profession.
Congratulations to all colleagues and welcome to this professional day !!!



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