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Too many meetings? Issues syncing calendars? Working in different time zones?
Yabbu is the remote working tool that improves results while canceling the meeting.
Great chance you have closed all agenda items even before the meeting starts. Then, cancel the meeting. And if not, your meeting is at least reduced to the number one priority topic. With the time left you can start building strong relationships.
Here's how it works: Prepare your calendar, add documents, add participants, and publish. Participants receive an invite. Everyone works individually at a time of Their choosing, even remotely. Discuss topics, track progress, Make Decisions, close agenda items, and add action points. And When you're ready, Yabbu will publish the minutes.
Welcome to a world where: No one is late. Or unprepared. Everyone Contributes. Deadlines are with. Syncing calendars is history. And does the Yabbu minutes.
Today's innovation and the ability to Anticipate trends are more Important than ever. Your organization will move forward as fast as it is bootable to make smart Decisions. That's exactly what Yabbu is about. It makes your company more agile and compliant at the sametime.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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