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Yoga doctor is a collection of various yoga mudras to empower the inner consciousness which helps curing various illness related to mind, body and heart.
The Yoga Mudras states that five fingers are representing the five elements of the human body namely Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Aakash (ether / space). By joining the fingers in different yoga poses as described in different yoga mudras, the imbalanced elements gets balanced and healing of mind and body is done .
Mudras gives relief from several somatic disorders.This
are helpful in healing various skin disorders also.Rheumatism patient also gets relief with constant practice. But they should not give more pressure to their hand while practicing.If there occurs any problem they should concern hand rheumatology specialist.
Headache relief is basic need in many people.For headache relief instantly many medicines are there with reported side effects. But here by daily practice headache won't be occurring first of all.Even if he occurred with relief will be there.
Thyroid Nodule, the most common disease in women nowadays is also cured.For curing this nodules in thyroid gland, there are three options in this app.
Doing Pranayama with proper breathing techniques is always an advantage.
In some cases like the HEART ATTACK which occurs all of a sudden, mudras works as a FIRST-AID for curing it. Check it out in the app which one it is.But at such times it may not be come in mind so as precautions are better than cure, one should make routine of doing breathing exercises or pranayama. So whenever any of your surroundings gets a heart attack, advice him the pose for heart attack. Those who has frequent heart attack problems must practice this daily.
Women and men all around the world are suffering from some or other skin disorders.The internal factors are major cause of those skin disorders. Pimples, acne, eczema and other skin disorders can also be cured by simple yoga poses.
Their may be some cases which may not be covered in the ailments provided by the app, but if you know which body elements are imbalanced then you can perform the specific mudra
for balancing that element.
Thyroid nodules are more likely to be cancerous.So proper treatment must be done at initial stages.There is mudra in this app for thyroid nodules also. Alongside
other medical treatment
mudras will ensure faster recovery from thyroid. Breathing Exercise and Hand Yoga are always there to heal, but depending on performing techniques properly and certain exceptions of body conditions, practitioner MUST be consulted. The developer will not be responsible if
one does not observe precautions. One should stop practicing after healing is done.



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Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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