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Well-being is the universal appetite. A student, housewife, working lady, business man or executive, all like to stay well. In any circumstances, everybody aspires ‘well-being’ (i.e. physically fit, mentally cheerful and internally fulfilled).fusionCampus team present YogaCures android based mobile application with two key programs to ensure wellbeing. We may have some problems (diseases) already manifested, and we expect a remedy. In that case our yoga practice should be directed for cure of disease. This is ‘Yoga Cure’.Say, I may have no problem as yet, and I do not like to invite any disease to be manifested in my body. I start practice of yoga. I will be able to prevent diseases. This is preventive aspect of Yoga Practice or‘Yoga Preventive’.Why should I use YogaCures?1) Yoga for curing diseases:AnemiaArthritisAsthmaBack-painblood pressure ConstipationDiabetesGasHeadacheHeartdiseaseHerniaIndigestionInsomniaObesityUlcers2) Yoga instructions for complete welbeing and preventing diseases.3) list of Yoga Asanas ( more than 35 asanas)4) Model yoga programs with 30 minutes, 45 minutes & 60 minutes duration; 5) Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)6) Easy to navigate, fast, soothing music (you can switch on or off)TeamYoga Cure and Yoga Preventive programs are designed by yoga expert Mihir Chatterjee and reviewed by Barbara Roemer. Mobile application conceptualized, designed & developed by Avijit Mukherji and Koushik Das.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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