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ZONO is a super-simple and free-to-use, business communication app that allows you to buy and sell easily. You can engage, negotiate and close deals with your buyers and sellers in a simple chat based interface. ZONO is designed specifically for the Traders, Distributors and Dealers in Indian Markets. ZONO provides them with the power of technology to grow and prosper.
Say goodbye to long and repetitive phone calls - Phone calls are confusing and messy. ZONO allows you to create and share deals with hundreds at a time in a single click. You can negotiate with multiple people at the same time.
Avoid Information Overload - All the information you need about a deal is present in a single place in ZONO. Goodbye, Confusion!
More Growth - ZONO frees you from mundane repetitive tasks that gives you time to making you more productive and allowing you to grow your business.
ZONO is completely FREE to use. Get started today!
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Version: 1.5.4

Requires: Android5.0 or later


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