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Create shortcuts for easy access you favorite actions. Just select the persistent notification at any time to bring up screen where you draw a self designed doodle which will match against your personal list of actions.Can also be started with longpress on the search key or optionally with the camera key on devices that have these.NOTE: After the action you are returned to the exact state you were in before you selected the notification not on the home screen. Also, this way you can potentially access a lot more than will ever fit on your home screen.Currently supports direct calling anyone from your phone book, launching any of your applications, opening many shortcuts, running anything defined in Tasker, toggling bluetooth toggling wifi and toggling autorotate.Should work on any device from 1.6 to 4.1 and beyond and is designed to handle that certain features are missing from some devices such as calling on tablets or bluetooth on 1.x. Let me know if you find a problem and I39;ll look into fixing it.For 4.1 it will use the new Notifications features to hide from the status bar and also expand to show the three first defined gestures as instant shortcuts.Note that I39;m well aware that the nature of this app causes it to require a fair number of permission. Currently there is no way to explicitly make them optional unless you run the latest Cyanogen you may want to star issue 6266 on Google Code. For completeness here is what they are used for:READ amp; WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: save your gestures, also easy copy to some other device.WRITESETTINGS: toggle autorotate screen.CALLPHONE amp; READCONTACTS: Quick dial to a contactBLUETOOTHADMIN amp; BLUETOOTH: Toggle BluetoothACCESSWIFISTATE amp; CHANGEWIFISTATE amp; WAKELOCK: Toggle WifiRECEIVEBOOTCOMPLETED: AutostartINTERNET: Error catching, online help and feedback

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Version: 1.2.2

Requires: Android 1 or later


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