Survival Info для VK выживание

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Entertainment | 12.8MB


With this application you can view statistics of your player to add free coins and spend them in the shop.
- Earn coins and spend them
- Shop - buy whatever you want for coins
- The card will not be lost, and navigate the site
- Inventory - you can always check it in your inventory, even if there is no access to the game!
How to start:
1. open the app
2. Press Enter and enter the data from the VC (ID and CODE can be found on the page of the game in the VC)
3. You should now open the main application window, and you can add coins that can be spent at the store!
ATTENTION !!! Get out of the game in the VC before using the application! Otherwise, you can lose all your data !!!
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Version: 1.3.1

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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