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Paradise: You're crazy.
Cocker: Yeah for you.
Paradise: The naughty.
Cocker: I am your evil.
Only you.
Paradise: bhalobasisa?
Cocker: Why suspect
Or is there?
Garden: Yes.
Cocker: What doubt?
Paradise: Forget me one day to go,
I know.
Cocker: And you know what?
Paradise: I know a lot
Lost go away.
Cocker: And?
Paradise: I know I missed a little and
Do not do.
Aad-: And?
Paradise: I will not say Thorin paused.
Cocker: the ball does not hear. Very
It's good to hear.
Paradise: the truth is it will take
That word.
Cocker: Two channeled down the ear?
Maybe, maybe more so, why?
Paradise: Why was I angry?
Cocker: I did not anger hurts
Heaven: Where do we see?
Cocker: Look on the ear
Crying at the pain.
Heaven: Where to see?
To grow into a strong hold on
Let the chest and head.
Cocker: Income Income chest.
Lifetime will keep on thee.
Paradise: forever rakhabetokakhano
Do not leave?
Cocker: to leave loved.
Paradise: bhalabesecho Why?
Cocker: I will embrace blanket of love,
So I bhalobesechiasa apps on the good will and the will 's the best of 5 star reviews.



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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