Робинзон Крузо

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Legendary work by Daniel Defoe about the adventures of Robinson Crusoe will appeal to most readers. After all, the product is popular for several centuries. Welcome to a desert island with Robinson Crusoe!
This application - a book. It does not collect any personal information and is completely safe. To work correctly, the fonts, if you change their size is recommended to reboot the application.
Author application aims to increase interest in literature in modern society. Here you will find only interesting books that will give you many wonderful experiences. With you I share experiences not only I, but also many fans of science fiction, adventure, romance novels, poetry, and stories that first instilled in us a love for books. The app is free, as a small compensation for the work is integrated into the application ad unit with advertising.
If you liked the app, I will be very grateful for your feedback. Enjoy reading!



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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