تعلم الصرف و التحويل

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Drainage science is a set of rules defined by changing the word structure for the purpose of moral or verbal, and the usefulness of maintaining the tongue in the wrong word.
In our application of this, we will learn the basic rules in learning exchange and conversion in an easy way and simplified.
Exchange program and prompt conversion for students and others who have difficulties in learning exchange and conversion.
The program contains a set of lessons and simplified rules accompanied by practical examples help to learn easily exchange and conversion and pleased
This application is directed to help beginners learn the Arabic language and learn the rules of exchange will also help to learn as easily and express
Exchange conversion lesson: singular and plural masculine and feminine contain
* past verb
* The present tense
* Necessary and infringer
* Passive and the active voice
* Actual Alnoasch and craft
* Absolute force and effect for him
* Real epithet and epithet Causal
* Wildcard
* Emphasis
* Effect with him
* Case and current wholesale
* Advocated
* Discrimination marked discrimination and ejected
* Highlight number
* Excluded Pala
* Excluded without and only
* The correct verb
* Ailing - example verb
* Ailing - cava verb
* Ailing - incomplete act
* Abstract and more - abstract
* And exclusive and undiminished stretching
* Abstract and more - more
* Ratios
* the Machin's name
* Name the actor and the name of the effect
* Preference Name
* Number and numbered
* Name time and place
* the source
* Tanween in the exclusive and undiminished and elongated
* Alta and Alta tethered outstretched
* Hmzata and connecting pieces A (son)
* Delete a thousand and Waw
* Medium Humazah
* Extreme Humazah
* Soft ground compartment and an outstretched



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