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Baby Cook is an application dedicated to the nutrition of infants and young children and is trying for another step forward in the promotion of proper and healthy diet from an early age. The significance of proper and healthy diet is invaluable in building healthy children.
Starting from my own experience when to start complementary feeding of the baby, their fears, "if I do the right and proper steps," lack of ideas "that the cooking tomorrow," no knowledge "whether this combination is right," and so on. arose the idea of ​​such a Baby Chef.
Application Baby Cookbook contains recipes divided by months from the beginning of dohranata than 6 months of age and older. It contains supplemental food tables divided by month guide you in properly introducing new foods to the appropriate age your baby / child.
All recipes and tables supplemental food collected from brochures for proper nutrition of infants, cooks baby experiences of other mothers and mostly run by the recommendations of the Manual for proper nutrition of infants and young children, which is published by the Institute for Public health of RM and its recommendation to start a diet on the 6 th month, complementary feeding.
The application offers ready planner with weekly menus that will facilitate everyday life and who will not have to think what to zgptvite the day.
It also contains a basket of groceries that can mark foods in recipes that you need to purchase.
Hopefully this Baby Chef will be of great benefit.
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Version: 2.6

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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