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Why Biletbayi Applications for cheap flights?
1. biletbayi users to compare the nearly 1,200 airline flights Mul to offer the cheapest air ticket prices.
2 with a single query, you can sort and compare the prices of airline tickets all over the airways.
3. Current promotional airfare is only listed in biletbayi.
4. price flights in the desired date, time of flight, class, you can compare the airline criteria.
5. Make reservations online via our application, you can easily find the opportunity to purchase your ticket in 2 steps.
6. Aircraft your ticket "Round" different airline "Return", you can easily purchase through a different airline.
Airlines flights found on biletbayi application companies;
All airlines that perform domestic scheduled flights in Turkey on the system at your disposal. THY (Turkish Airlines), Pegasus (Flypgs), Anadolu Jet, Onur Air, Atlasjet (Atlas Global), SunExpress, are the main airlines that you can choose Borajet. You can find flights on all airlines flying on domestic routes in biletbayi complete system. to inquire about the flight abroad of biletbayi all over the world on 989 airline sales, compare and pre-booking procedures are carried out. The main international airline of which we have agreed as follows; America (Delta) (United Airlines), (Continental), (USAirways), (American Airlines), US (Southwest), France (Air France), Japan (Northwest), Germany (Lufthansa), Japan (All Nippon) China (China South), (airch a), (Chinaeast), England Airlines (British Airways), Ireland (Ryanair), Australia (Qantas), Canada (Air Canada), England (Easyjet), Spain (Iberia), Italy (Alitalia), London (West a), South Korea (Korean Air), North America (Skywest), Brazil (TAM), Thailand (Thai Airlines), Malaysia (in Malaysia), America (a.eagl), Singapore (Singapore Airline), Arabia (Saudia), Alaska (Alaska Airlines), Washington (AirTran), Atlanta (ExpressJet), Shanghai (Cathay), Los Angeles (JetBlue), Dubai (Emirates), Turkish Airlines (THY), Germany (AIR Berlin), Australia (Virgin Blue), England, London (the Swiss), almost all airlines in the world, including the sale of air tickets are available on our site.
How Flights buying and booking process?
Biletbayi on air tickets as a priority applications; "One Way" or "Round trip" option that is appropriate to our trip the option marked "From:" section from the city, the "To:" landing in the written part. Flight dates are selected and then "Find Flights" we are looking for by clicking on the date listed on the screen and all flights on routes that are suitable. After selecting the appropriate flights "continue" pressing the button to get the passenger information page. This step is also the last step before completion of the ticketing process. Carefully entering the complete passenger information on the form, flight mobile phone number to arrive via SMS to your mobile phone, the details should be strongly typed, then by reading the description of the protection packages, we advise you to receive the package approving appropriate. the credit card information form for the completion of cutting your ticket after entering the correct "buy" your ticketing process occurs automatically after you process the payment in 3-D secure payment page by clicking on completion.
biletbayi with airline ticket sales system which can display flight of the city?
Istanbul, Adana, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara, Dalaman, Bodrum, Diyarbakır, Van, Trabzon, Bursa, Erzurum, Samsun, Bursa, Kars, Iğdır, Muş, Batman, primarily in Denizli, the flight comparison engine for our site to all the airport, the city of our country You can query the ease with campaign and promotional e-ticket.



Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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