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With the application
OK notebook is enough to say when and what to do in the familiar to you forme.
✔️ Remind me tomorrow morning to buy coffee
✔️ Wake me up to work at 7:30, repeat every weekday
✔️ movie premiere February 20 at 19:00, remind 2 hours
Today ✔️ lunar eclipse night, remind look
Remind ✔️ husband disable soup 1 hour 20 minutes
✔️ day after tomorrow night's Champions League, remind at 6 o'clock
Remind ✔️ congratulate Vasya birthday April 3 is repeated every year
✔️ Remind me next weekend to give the neighbor drill
For Android 5+ available color accents and themes for every taste! From the starry night to creamy pink biscuit. You can choose from 14 different themes application.
Additional plug-ins extend the functionality of the four great widgets and sync with Google tasks.
"Okay, notebook" is the analog pre-existing applications "remember everything". I, as the author of a notebook, he has long been a fan of the application "remember everything". But, after the original application was abandoned, he decided to re-create it in a new form, taking into account all that was missing before.
P.S. If you find a phrase that notebook does not understand, write it to us, and we will teach;)



Version: 2.5.4

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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