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At a certain point in human life is meaningless without children. Scientists say, the environmental pollution, diet changes, and the standard of living is increasing the number of couples without children for several reasons. Several of the maternal host of tips.
Those who want to be late mother
A. After more than 40 years old, your child is likely to be only 5 percent.
B. Only one out of every five women over a 40-year-old is likely to be a normal mother.
C. In the 40-44 year-old women have a 34 percent chance of miscarriage.
D. However, the 40-year-old mother, who tried to 6 months can not be shown the results, they can get an expert on fertility.
Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Prof Dr gaini said. Feroza Begum.
The problem was the mother of his manhood?
Both mother and child if the child's age could be a problem. Better than 35 years of age, children usually dangerous. The child may be born with some type of physical problems. The mother's case, he could be diabetes. May increase blood pressure. In some cases the water may break even. It is the fear of bleeding.
Where is the problem of being a mother for a long time if you use birth control methods?
There are many methods of birth control. Some birth control pills to eat. Some also use condoms. Pilagulo usually synthetic hormones work through a kind of birth control. When taking the pill for a long time, so no one pill that can be taken off a layer of the non-cooperation, but can give birth to a child. As a result, there is hardly any risk of the use of condoms.
Women capable of bearing children?
How many years has the capacity for up to a normal child?
5 years is a good time to take the first-born daughters. After the 35-year-old child is taking. Normally until the age of 35, the children can be safe.



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