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At bookbhook, we are all set to redefine reading books for the TLDR generation, and we are doing this in 3 ways:
1. Get hooked to bite-sized chat stories that lure you into a world of suspense, thrillers and horror stories from across the world. Savour these free stories in the chat story section of Savour, in the bookbhook app. Get hooked to free chat stories with this story app.
2. Enrich yourself with short summaries of life changing nonfiction books, that take just a few minutes to read. Life changing nonfiction books are compressed into bite sized content so that you can read or listen to path breaking ideas in just a few minutes.
3. 'Immerse' you in books based bespoke learning and competence strengthening micro learning gamified online courses that help you identify breakthroughs in your work or personal life.
With the bookbhook book summary and chat story app, you do not need to read more to know more. Download the free bookbhook book summary app to snack on books and get hooked to the world of thrilling, gut wrenching and heart warming chat stories. bookbhook books summary app also offers you audiobooks in the form of audio book summaries.
bookbhook reading app thoughtfully curates handcrafted book summary of life changing books that take no more than 15 minutes to read, in English and Hindi. Yes, you get to read summary of life changing English books in Hindi for free.
You can add book summaries that you enjoyed in the wishlist saver feature- add to favourites. Want to get hooked to bite-szed chat story app? bookbhook brings to you free chat stories that you can read.
The bookbhook free app gives you audio books summaries so that you can listen to free audiobooks that summarise pivotal books in business, self improvement, marketing strategy, india, parenting, biography amongst others.
Key features of the free bookbhook books summary reading app
Get hooked to free bite-sized chat story app with the Savour section on bookbhook app
You can read short book summaries even while you are offline. Both free and paid books summary can be read offline.
3. The bookbhook free books summary app helps you read book summaries in English & Hindi.
The extensive library of book summaries on bookbhook is a delight for the bookworm and the non-reader alike. This book summary app can help you cultivate reading habits if you are a non-reader and trying to cultivate reading habit.
5. With the bookbhook ebook summary reader, you can listen to free audiobooks that sound professional and high quality.
6. Handcrafted books summary on bookbhook reading app are not book reviews. A book review acts as a book recommendation. With bookbhook, book recommendations are built into carefully curated booklists that give a thoughtfully handcrafted book summary, rather than a book review.
7. Bookbhook goes beyond pdf of books and book quotes and helps you understand the gist of nonfiction books using high quality book summary. This is like having your own bookshelf of thoughtfully curated books.
8. The key insights from non-fiction books are distilled into knowledge nuggets for nonreaders as well as readers. These knowledge nuggets help summarize nonfiction books in less than 15 minutes. The audiobook summary take about 25 minutes to listen to.
Get hooked to bite sized chat messages as stories that will lure you into the world of famous short stories app.
Download India’s favourite books summary app that helps you read nonfiction books in just few minutes in English, Hindi and also as audiobooks.
The chat stories on bookbhook will get you hooked.This free book app offers summeries that will help you become smarter.



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