רשות הטבע והגנים

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NPA established two corporations (consolidated in 1998), according to a law passed by the Knesset in 1963, in order to realize the objectives of the rules you wound it: National Parks, Nature Reserves and memorials; And the Wild Animal Protection Law. Responsibilities are divided Authority aims to protect nature and heritage sites, nurture and educate the public welfare in accordance with these purposes. The Authority is a government agency, a public body who holds in trust on behalf of the public, part of the assets of the rule of nature reserves and national parks. These assets do not belong only to the current generation and the Authority is committed to them as a deposit must be protected in the long term, also for future generations.
Our role
Responsible for the area
NPA operates under the law,
For the sake of maintaining law and under public responsibility,
Personal and moral.
Our job characteristics
- Professionalism
- Responsibility
- Versatility



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