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Trusted Advisor for students, graduate students and teacher!
The application of "Consultant" contains legal information (codes, laws), jurisprudence, advice, and modern textbooks on law, finance, economics and accounting. With this information, study and preparation for the session, writing term papers and dissertations will be easier.
"Consultant: Student" - is:
• The Constitution of the Russian Federation, all the codes of the Russian Federation, the main legal acts of the Russian Federation and the USSR;
• international legal instruments;
• arbitrage practice;
• Materials Consultant popular guidebook;
• financial advice;
• articles from legal and financial press;
• modern textbooks (by industry: law, finance, economics, accounting).
At any document or part of it you can put a bookmark. The documents with bookmarks are saved in the "Favorites" section. They are available without the Internet, so that the correct code, the law or tutorial will always be at hand.
Use the Quick Search. Just type in the search box issue, concept or describe the problem in the Internet search engine (such as "how to extend the fixed-term contract," "audit" or "ownership") and the application will select the papers with answers and solutions. Search understands these spoken words and common abbreviations such as "accounting" or "PIT". For example, the request "VAT on the simplified tax system" documents will be found that contain the words "VAT", "STS" and "value added tax", "simplified tax system" in every case forms. To find a particular document, simply type the name of the "44 Law", "budget", "family" or "Land Code" - and he will be the first in the list of found. It simplifies the handling of the application the ability to use the abbreviations of the Criminal Code, the Tax Code, the Civil Code, the Administrative Code, Code of Civil Procedure, Code of Criminal Procedure, TK, etc.
Find documents known details (date of the PPA who took the body, and others.) Will help advanced search.
To be guided in large documents (such as the civil, criminal or tax code) help table of contents and search the text of the document. Each document is accompanied by a reference, even a novice lawyer or accountant to easily clarify the features and the procedure for its application, the actions of the current revision period.
PPA texts are available in any version and even c changes do not take effect. Using the i button on the explanation can be obtained fields (additional documents) to a paragraph or section of a document.
The app is created by "Consultant" in the framework of the project "Consultant: High School" and is addressed to students, graduate students, teachers of legal and financial and economic disciplines.
The company "Consultant" - developer of the most popular reference legal system Consultant (according to a survey by VTsIOM 2016).
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Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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