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Lemonade - sweet soft drink, usually carbonated. It has a cool feature. Made of lemon water and fruit (usually carbonated) .With the XVII century called the lemonade drink prepared from lemon juice and plenty of water.
Varieties of lemonade
Ordinary Lemonade water (gas. Water) and lemon or tasteful green or ripe apple.
Ramune (Japanese kind of lemonade)
Bionade (biological lemonade from a variety of herbs)
Sayan (contains Rhaponticum extract).
For the preparation of the beverage "lemonade" use sugar, lemon juice or citric acid and water. This drink has a yellow color, refreshing taste and aroma of a lemon.
To prepare the "Citro" applies sugar, citric acid, tangerine, orange and lemon liqueur. Drink a light yellow color, it has a refreshing taste and unique aroma of citrus fruit mixture.
In Russian, the word "lemonade" comes, like so much else, in the era of Peter I, who borrowed from Europe a refreshing drink made from lemon juice. Homeland lemonade considered the most authoritative in the field of culinary country in the world, France. It was here that from the XVII century began to prepare drinks like lemon (in fact, the French limonade and means something like "limonizirovanny"). Currently lemonade called sweet carbonated soft drink, produced from different fruit, berry or synthetic components and having a refreshing property.
Properties of our collection:
- Name (common and national identity) serves;
- Approximate time of cooking dishes with pictures;
- List required for the preparation of food ingredients, their number and proportion;
- Equipment and facilities needed for the preparation of meals;
- Number of persons for whom the dish;
- Calories (and sometimes the content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates);
- Step by step instructions for the preparation of meals;
- Serving method (decoration dishes and serving)
- Recipes from different foods: meat dishes, fish dishes, dishes from tofu and dough (pastry), recipes of poultry and chicken dishes from dairy products
- Large selection of national cuisines: Russian cuisine (pancakes), Chinese (rice and noodles), Thai, Ukrainian (borscht), Caucasian cuisine (barbecue), Italian food (pasta and pizza, risotto), Japanese (sushi), and of course French
- In the collection you will find recipes for salads, soups, side dishes, cereals, desserts, cakes, meat dishes
- Recipes for different people -Children's menu, Lenten menu, vegetarian dishes, gluten-free diet
Recipes - guidance for the preparation of culinary products. It contains information about the necessary foodstuffs, their proportions and instructions for mixing and processing. Recipes describe the mechanical and thermal processing of ingredients, methods of serving the finished product.
Recipes with photos transmitted by word of mouth, as well as published in cookbooks and on specialized sites. There are secret recipes, culinary transmitted to his heirs



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