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Appendix "Katyusha" is not only a smart shopping list, but also help in orienting the store. Katusha was in all stores and hypermarkets applied to the map application and know where and what products departments are located. Based on this, it sorts the items in the shopping list so that all the departments are, one by one, the direction of travel of non-food items to fresh products (products to remain as long as possible in the cold zone).
No more running from corner to corner in a large hypermarket, if your shopping list at the beginning of the list is baby food and diapers at the end of the list. Katusha will unite all in one "Children's Department" and orient: after a card, take these products. The annex has 45 departments and 900 most popular items. But if the item is not - you can create it on the basis of existing, for example, cottage cheese, add a "low-fat" and the product will remain in your catalog. Also, you can see the store schema in order to understand where your offices are located.
But that is not all. Katusha also help to monitor the shopping budget. If administered prices and quantities on selected products, you will be able to control your budget. This option is also useful when the difference of price at the box office and on the shop shelf.
But that's not all! You can send the compiled lists all installed applications on your device! It is convenient and easy.
But this functionality does not end there. It works book of complaints and commendations, where you can leave a review about the product or about the application. Feedback will be given in the selected store or received by the application developer, if the message is about Katyusha.



Version: 1.02

Requires: Android 4.0.3 or later


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