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You'll now have a study assistant at you!
Exam preparation course work in order to ensure the issue to be able to follow, which may keep a record of the number of questions you will be able to solve and create your personal work schedule.
After you select the course you will try to be reminded that you can use the notification mode.
You can add your notes that you find important when trying Course mini-note to our department; road, sport, every moment you can read the appropriate stop again.
Course completion can review your case and you can rearrange your schedule.
What can I do?
- Prepare to select the exam you can start using your assists.
- You can increase your work efficiency classes with different options.
- You can add to your daily schedule and course work hours notice, you can expect to study in the timeframe you want your assistant.
- You can set tuition program.
- Which issue that I solved some questions? Which of the issues I missing? What was he thinking when completed will no longer need to lose.
- You can keep track of the questions you solved thanks to your assistant, you can mark the topics and issues that you have completed course work completion status according to the pie slices prepared in case we can examine your analysis.
- Mini-notes can add, edit and delete as necessary. This mini-notes, will benefit from the study will increase efficiency and information retention.
- The most important thing is when a study program to be considered when preparing. How many days did it grow on the subject of the exam? Which of course I have a few days of separation? You can leave these questions. how long the countdown module, we have prepared the exam you can learn at any time is left.
Which got exams?
- Teoge (teoge preparation, teoge issues)
- YGS and LYS (SDK preparation SDK topics)
- LYS-LYS-LYS-2 1 4 3 LYS-LYS-5 (LYS preparation LYS issues)
- DGS (Vertical Transfer Examination, preparation DGS DGS issues)
- KPSS college (college preparatory KPSS, KPSS Pre-licensing issues)
- LICENSE KPSS (Public Personnel Selection Exam, KPSS license preparation, KPSS license issues)
everything you need to consider when preparing the courses will have an assistant who you. Please note that you will be less tiring work planned and efficient and thorny path will be clear on your goal.
We wish you all success in ...



Version: 0.2.3

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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