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Everyday life, with the prayers of the Quran, the Hadith and istighfar other popular saying Dua doorud Audio, meaning & pronunciation for Urdu users in Pakistan , India, Bangladesh & urdu speakers all around the world.
Dua on the following topics:
1. Imaniyata
2. Daily Dua & istighfar (sleep, dinner, clothes, plug-turn, toilet, seen-before, transactions, markets, tour)
3. Family, marriage, house-related
4. In danger situation, illness, fear, storm and rain, buried on
5. Dua, Istighfar, Rabbana, Allahumma
6. All the prayers related Dua (Takbeer taharima, Sanaa, strong, bow, glorification, kaoma, jalsa, prostration, Tashahhud, peace, pray masuraha estekhara, funeral, salatula prisons, glorify Salaat)
7. Ramadan related Dua (Chad, sehari, Iftar)
8. The Quran Hajj related Dua (talabiyaha, Hazare Aswad, circumambulating, Zamzam, Safa and Marwa, Arafah, sacrifice, grit die)
9. All Istighfar & Dua for Eid occasion
All of Dua collected from the Qur'an and hadith & from a reliable medium. Edited by scholars of Haqqani madrasas & corrected pronunciation recorded by Hafez of the Quran.



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