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※ The Korean app that can listening (dictation) learning.
※ loop playback function of voice, statements script problem, there is word translation (commentary also added at a later date subject to change).
※ "hear" -> "type" -> improve the listening force "answers with".
About Dikutore ※
It is the biggest feature of the listening learning can using dictation.
※ and Dictation
The dictation, is that of "the voice of hear was, as it dictates" listening learning method.
"No more, and the other to listen to not get! Do not get to write!" Also firmly Kikikomi many times the Korean voice to a place called.
Study skills that this dictation has been said to be particularly effective in improving the listening skills.
※ how to proceed with dictation
① listening to the Korean voice, write down
In our app, it offers a blank for the audio material and typing.
Since there is also a loop playback function, you can Komu heard firmly.
Check ② answer script (original)
Inaudible anymore! Once Kikikon up to a place called, to check the answer.
Understand the did not part the catch.
Note the "fall off or consolidation of sound" Korean unique, now let's hear while looking at the problem statement.
※ The main benefits of dictation
- Because there is a need to dictate, it is possible to listen to concentrate on.
- If he does not hear anywhere, it can be seen clearly.
- It will be able to image the change of Korean unique sound.
※ The problem (sample)
◯ problem statement
A: 내일은 뭐 할 거예요?
B: 저요 도서관 에도 가고 친구 도 만날 거예요?.
◯ Japanese translation
A: Do you plan to do tomorrow?
B:? I do also go to the library, it is scheduled to meet also a friend.
◯ important words or phrases
· 내일 "tomorrow."
· 뭐 "What, something."
· - ㄹ 거다, - 을 거다 "I'm going to -"
· 도서관 "library"
· 가다 "go"
· 친구 "friend"
· 만나다 "meet"



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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