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Taiwan Reality Room Escape Game News large order!
ESC = Escape Social Club
Take a look at what your friends are closet fans !!
Taiwan Chamber of Secrets Game Description
Map of the distribution chamber
Various games have focused on promotional activities
Look what friends playing chamber
Chamber of Secrets game Personal Achievements
Team photo inquiry
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iOS / Android dual-platform
There's also! Once a month or more opportunities to the whole group pumping chamber free yo !!
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What is Room Escape?
Room Escape online game Chamber of Secrets on the basis of the increase of real objects of reality game,
The players need within the mission time, the division of labor with partners, work together to crack the puzzle of many levels.
Requires not only observation and reasoning ability, but also to escape the chamber requires a high degree of work assignments,
Imagination, and so on ...... aggregated data capacity.
By searching for clues, teamwork, puzzle layers, the final completion of the task to escape the chamber.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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