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Welcome to Amharic keyboard Ethiopic - ኢትዮፒክ መተየቢያ
? Amharic keyboard is built on the latest technologies to help you write in Latin and Geez scripts.
?Amharic Keyboard by Ethiopic is now the best in the market to type Ethiopian languages on Android.
? Amharic Keyboard by Ethiopic has the best and most accurate next word prediction for fastest typing experience.
? Amharic Keyboard by Ethiopic
accurate Gesture typing feature for perfect and fast typing.
?Ethiopia Geez Keyboard by Ethiopic has
all Emoji characters.
Ethiopic keyboard NEVER collects
your personal info including credit card information or any other text you input using our keyboard.
- Don't Worry about the warning message you see when activating Ethiopic keyboard stating " Ethiopic keyboard may be able to collect your personal data". This is a standard warning in all Android phones for any non factory keyboard app that the user (You) install.
- If you have any concerns about your privacy you can directly contact the developer of this keyboard app, Yohannes Ejigu Ademe using
- ኢትዮፒክ መተየቢያ ፥ ግዕዝ
ኪቦርድ ፥ ግዕዝ ግቤት ፥ ኢትዮፒክ Amharic keyboard ፥ኢትዮፒክ አማርኛ ። ኢትዮፒክ ትግርኛ፥ ኢትዮፒክ afaan Oromoo.
Amharic Keyboard - has the best next word prediction.
Amharic Keyboard - has gesture typing for latin based Ethiopian languages
Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic is the next Ethiopian typing app by same developers of FynGeez Amharic keyboard
An other best Amharic Keyboard by fyn systems.
Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic Keyboard- For Ethiopia and Eritrea - አማርኛ መጻፊያ
Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic Keyboard
id the best free Amharic Keyboard - Ethiopic Keyboard.
Ethiopian keyboard with glide typing.



Version: 1.1.9

Requires: Android 4 or later


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