خاص للمتزوجـين فقط

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If you Ahabb express the intensity of love and longing and nostalgia lover, whether a wife or run for the pair traveler and the engaged for, for lovers Almulhan and others, and mesh to guard two words Hleuen and expressions of longing where feelings effusive and longings inflamed indescribable and totally keeps them talk Spinning and expressions of love and nostalgia .. remains Doak our means before you, you will find a short love letters a powerful new Egyptian and Arab dialects all Saudi Sudanese Moroccan-Libyan Jordanian Iraqi and United Arab Emirates .. nicest Msjat Mobile longing, love and love for Habib expressive including love letters sad lovers are all longing and fulfill what is needed.
Married life filled with beautiful moments .. .. How stray beautiful and wonderful ..ttbaiq particularly for married couples only offers tips and some of the problems and solutions
Also some ways to deal husband and wife and tips marital happiness and the relationship between the married and how to access life-marital happy.
----- Application features: ------
✓ share information with your friends via:
- SMS.
- Mail.
- FB.
- Twitter ... and others.
✓ geode favorite tips.
✓ search for specific tips.
✓ could work without the Internet.
I hope you enjoy the application and we hope that does not forget the evaluation of encouragement. Thank you.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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