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A modern application to effectively communicate in Russian. It is designed for both beginners and those who want to enrich their vocabulary. Particular attention was paid to the most important language skills - the ability to freely conduct conversations in Russian. Innovative communication method used in this application allows you to quickly get rid of obstacles to speak and to express themselves in everyday situations.
The application is designed primarily for those interested in an active knowledge of the Russian language. All words, phrases and dialogues were recorded by native Russian speakers. The logical division in 127 subjects and categories with a quick search system allows you to instantly find a word or phrase that you need.
The application is also ideal as an electronic talking translator when traveling abroad. With it you get to communicate in all typical situations - in a store, a bank, a hotel, or airport ... No problem, you get to buy your ticket at the counter, order in a restaurant, ask for directions, or make an appointment.
This application is an excellent proposition for those who are preparing for the oral tests of Russian and foreign travel as a tourist, for work or are studying.
The main features:
- Records with native Russians
- 127 focus groups and categories
- Sentences, conversations and practical dialogues
- A French-Russian Russian-French dictionary
- Learning the correct pronunciation
- Creating Your own dialogues and scenes position
- An innovative system for memorizing phrases
- A quick search of words and phrases
- Simplified registration of speech
- Examples of the use of words in sentences
- Conversation Course in Russian
- A built-in player of words and phrases
The application, which allows quickly and easily begin to speak Russian. Even if you've never met a single word of the language. There are here no exercise or tedious grammar. The innovative method "Easy Talk" used in this application is so easy after a few minutes you speak Russian. WARRANTY.
The free version of the app contains 800 words and expressions, while the full version includes more than 4000 words, phrases and sentences.



Version: 0.03

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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