Библия. Синодальный перевод.

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In our application, you will find the King James Version of books of the Old and New Testament Scripture. The translation was done during the XIX century and is authorized by the Holy Governing Synod.
We welcome any comments and suggestions.
     Functionalities and features:
          1. work in offline mode (no need to connect to the Internet).
          2. WITHOUT advertising.
          3. ability to install on SD card;
          4. bookmarking;
          5. opening applications at the point of reading;
          6. convenient text search with the ability to add bookmarks directly from the search results;
          7. gesture control (available gestures depicted in the screenshot);
          8. set the font size and visualization of gestures;
          9. preservation extreme search query;
          10. Copy verses to clipboard.
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Version: 1.1

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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