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Photography | 31.5MB


It is easy and simple through a fragile photo that anyone can easily synthesize a 3D sword like a goblin bat
Please squeeze a sword. You can put it wherever you want.
Rapier, Broad Sword, Elven Sword, Great Sword We have prepared various swords according to your preference.
You can also create photos with jpg files and gif!
Collate and send photos to friends and acquaintances.
Menu Introduction
1. Hide: Hides the menu for a moment. Touch the screen and the menu will appear again.
2. Get Photo: Load the saved photo.
3. New Photo: Take a new picture from the camera and call it up.
4. Move Photo: Moves the picture in four directions.
5. Photo Scale: Adjust the picture size.
6. Rotate Photo: Rotate the picture left and right.
7. Eraser: When you touch the part of the photo where the sword passes, the sword appears.
8. Restore: Touch the erased photo area to repair it.
9. Weapon Move: Moves the selected weapon in 4 directions.
10. Weapon Scale: Adjusts the size of the weapon.
11. Weapon Rotation: Rotates the weapon about its axis.
12. Pick: Pick weapons into photos.
13. Weapon Change: Replace with another sword.
14. Push weapon: Push and pull the weapon against the Z axis. You can also respond to photos on the side.
15. Save jpg: Save as jpg file.
16. Save gif: Save as gif animation. (There is a speed difference depending on the screen size.)
Translation talent donations for overseas versions



Version: 1.0.3

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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