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Application site homeland singing out of tune.
Application homeland singing out of tune is the official version of the official position
Vatan newspaper warbling outside the flock has been published since 91 as a newspaper printed weekly in the United States of America.
And it covers all the political news and diversified independently applied outside the squadron emblem Twitter governments and parties.
The newspaper spoke clock Vmutir on acquisition applied to receive all new.
Site of the first nation-mail websites - was founded in 1996 and provides home location to publish news and views without the belief in the freedom of publishing restrictions also it allows freedom of interactivity for readers to publish their opinions without all except those that deliberately insults and degrading verbal restrictions.
- A homeland independent newspaper does not receive support from any party whatsoever, and the only sources of funding are the advertiser and the reader, and in its news based on several sources, and sometimes morally committed not to disclose their sources.
- The nation hopes to achieve a shift in the concept of the press in the Arab world away from the tutelage and monopoly of opinion, and believes in the right reader access to all the information and the full right to interact with them positively or negatively



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