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"Bowie electronic classroom handbook" smart phone or computer systems to effectively manage and improve children's personal conduct and orderly learning
1. Tuition Schedule Management (report / complete homework / complete pre-default / complete review / newspaper away) - Parents have more confidence
2. Reward Scheme (encourage home REVISION) - Self more perseverance
3. Parents ./ tutor / school teacher tripartite communication - child care to get multi-angle
4. Upload photo gift culture "reward" - learning more fun
5. penalties and bonus points plan to follow up their children daily classroom discipline behavior - Learn more heart
6. Broadcast News latest tutorial / Tips - Tuition more careful
7. Handlebook easy to use - do not worry parents
8. The monthly reports for personal review - more desirable to improve teaching
9. Table into the plot / load and display the school calendar function - more dedicated practice exam
10. tutoring services more professional, more convenient and more efficient follow-up instructors - tutorial turnover rising
After the first tube to teach, establish order, happy learning, enhance communication, success in sight



Version: 1.103

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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