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Ttbaiq- great words will change your life - "the rule and across a wonderful change your life" contain words, the rule and through the likes of the sayings of philosophers, tips and sayings of the greats, such as courage, lyrics about love, phrases for separation and longing, sermons and Proverbs need to benefit and work out in your life daily to move towards a better day
In the words of success, famous sayings, famous sayings and avant-garde poetry.
The application of the rule of a great cross will change your life free application renewed offers you designs Photo beautiful judgment and sayings sayings of the philosophers said people Zaman Bakri and the rule of love and courage the likes of popular and traditional sayings of old sermons and through daily life sayings beautiful and phrases words and sayings of influential ruling exciting the pain and separation and longing and love.
And more leave you discover it ....
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Hajitk Majitk
On his reign, whether in Arabic and Moroccan dialect and tone as well as the Gulf and the rule in English and in French (k funny sayings Moroccan, Algerian sayings, such as the popular Moroccan ...) in order to learn from them. And the benefit to everyone
As Amenk application with your friends post through download or upload the program -gm sad wonderful, beautiful and sayings of au Khalal- sermons (verses, Islamic, Arab gold, variety, fantastic, tray, grandfather, people Zaman) and sayings (sayings, expressive son Taymiyyah, Nizar Qabbani, Omar bin al-Khattab, the fathers of the saints, for the granule, evil
And make use of the term we have to add more than 100 grandest wisdom in history and many of the other arguments (about love, about women, about separation, for Friday, for friends, for success) and
: Religious sermons such as the Department of
Sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him
Greats in Islam
Word of the categories of religious pictorial
All the words of Sheikh Hubert
Department of historical words
Sayings immortalized in history
All words Kippur and Shuaiba historical funny
Dr. Mustafa Mahmoud
Mahmoud Darwish
Ibrahim al-Fiqi
Abdul Rahman Hidayat
: Department of categories such as romantic and sad
Phrases shaking hearts
Beautiful cross parting admonition in love
: Department (great men, sages, philosophers) such as
Sentenced Socrates, Luqman
Shakespeare's words - scientists
Daily rule will not forget
Ibn Ata Alexandrian
To benefit more you can search for
Backgrounds and the rule of sermons and statements, and the likes of Watts in August
Influential and through stories without Net
Sourmktob by the words and images across the Muslim Facebook
Rasayel and Qsaad sermons and sweet
hikam wa amtal wa 3ibar wa a9wal
amtal wa hikam cha3biya maghribiya
7ikam wa amtal - 3ibarat hazina
Saif knowledge to test intelligence.
Citation for morning and evening sound.
Islamic songs without Internet in 2016.



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