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iGeology 3D the rocks around you augmented reality geology of the UK.iGeology 3D shows the geology of the rocks around you as a 3D view.look at the landscape with your phone39;s camera and see the geological map painted onto the ground geology in augmented reality.Turn your phone in any direction to look around.Walk around the landscape and the view will move with you.Tap the screen on any point in the landscape to learn about the rocks you can see.Use iGeology 3D with the iGeology geological map for a 3D view of other places.The maps use the British Geological Surveys 1:50,000scale geological maps of the United Kingdom UK.iGeology 3D is intended for noncommercial use e.g. private study, research and educational activities. For commercial use of BGS data email



Version: 1.03

Requires: Android2.1 or later


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