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iPlumber is an app created for do it yourselves to get professional advice, assistance and guidance from licensed plumbers while attempting minor plumbing projects and repairs. Our video chat capabilities instantly connects you with a plumber in your area that can quickly help you resolve any issues should they arise. If you need further assistance, iPlumber enables you to schedule a discounted in-house visit with your plumbing mentor or any of our available licensed plumbers! iPlumber is an amazing tool that saves both time and money while meeting all your plumbing needs! What are you waiting for? Download the iPlumber app today!
Are you tired of having to schedule and wait around for a plumber to help with issues around the house? Especially when you know you could get it fixed if you just had some help? You’re in luck! When you use iPlumber, you receive instant real-time guidance via video chat from professional plumbers. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians offer expert advice and affordable repair and installation solutions.
Using video chat helps our plumbers see the problem and walk you through the steps to get it fixed quickly and cost effectively. Plumbing is made easy when you have experts at your fingertips. Why wait days for a home visit, when you can access the answers in minutes buy simply downloading the iplumber app today!
If you have hit a snag in your do-it-yourself plumbing project or have simple questions to help get you started, check out iPlumber. This free app allows you to speak with one of our many plumbing experts and get the advice you need at a fraction of the cost! Our team is ready and available to assist both day and night. Our video chatting capability allows us to see the problem and assess if it is a minor plumbing issue that you can complete yourself with a little guidance, or if its more complex and you need to schedule a discounted on onsite visit. Minor plumbing issues that our technicians can walk you through are as follows:
• Water Heater Repair and Installation
• Burst Pipe Repair
• Water Leak Detection
• Drain Cleaning
• Kitchen Plumbing
• Bathroom Remodeling
• Clogged Toilet Repair
• Leak Repair
• Water Softeners
• Water Filtration Systems



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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